Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse (March. 2017)

When choosing a gaming mouse, one of the most important things to consider is how it will fit your hand. If you’re going to be playing long, marathon sessions of your favorite game, you need a mouse that will keep up. One that will support you so that you can play with the utmost comfort. Probably the most important things to consider when thinking about comfort in a gaming mouse is the grip.

There are three basic kinds of grip: palm, fingertip, and claw. Gamers who choose to use claw grip have a few specific things to consider when it comes to comfort than those who prefer palm grip or fingertip. Claw grip is fast and precise and gives you easy access to all the buttons. But it’s also a bit of an unnatural hand position, and therefore, your hand gets tired a little faster. A tired hand means less gameplay in the short run and possible damage in the long run, so it’s really important to use the right mouse.

In claw grip, your hand is arched so only your fingertips and bottom of the hand actually touch the mouse. Since your palm doesn’t actually touch the mouse, it gets no support, which is why this grip tires your hand a little faster. So, why use this grip if it’s just going to tire your hand? Claw grip offers a lot of control. Because you’re using six contact points - five fingers and the bottom of your hand - you have a lot of control and can increase reaction times because you’re using a lighter touch.

When looking for the best claw grip mouse, a few criteria should be considered. Claw grip can be used with almost any mouse since you aren’t worrying about palm support, but the best claw grip gaming mouse will be a little shorter, have a higher profile, and lipped edges. And of course, you don’t want to lose all gameplay benefits of your mouse, so you’ll also need to consider things like sensor speed and DPI, number of programmable buttons and any customizations you’ve found you have to have.

Taking all of this into consideration, here’s our list for best claw grip mouse.

1. Razer Ouroboros

The Razer Ouroboros is an extremely customizable mouse and as such can be used with almost any hand, making it an excellent choice for best claw grip mouse. It’s ambidextrous, which is great for the left-handed player because it’s sometimes difficult for to find a good left handed gaming mouse.

The Ouroboros comes with an adjustable palm rest, back, and side panels so you can change the physical shape of this mouse more than you can with any others. Make it shorter or longer, wider or thinner. Chances are with all the available options; you will be able to make this mouse fit your claw grip perfectly.

In addition to form, it will perform extremely well during game play. The Ouroboros can be calibrated for any surface and learns the topography and even color of what it’s being used on to make adjustments, so the sensor reacts as quickly as possible. Because of the light touch used with the claw grip, whether or not the mouse cord is easy to manipulate might be a factor in how well you can control it. With this mouse, you always have the option to go wireless.

There are eleven hair trigger programmable buttons on this mouse, and it comes with Razer Synapse 2.0 to back up all the profiles you create for it. This is not only a great mouse for fit, it’s a great mouse for play.


  • Weight: 115 g/0.25 lbs
  • Buttons: 11 customizable
  • Sensor: 8,200 DPI
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Dimension: 122-137 mm x 71 mm
  • Fit: Adjustable, Ambidextrous
  • Customization: Just about everything on this mouse can be customized


  • Ambidextrous, left handed player friendly
  • Fully customizable for all hands and grips


  • Expensive

Wrap Up: This mouse is so customizable, you will surely be able to find the perfect setup for your grip. If you’re left handed, you definitely need to check this mouse out.

2. Roccat Kone Pure Military

The Roccat Kone Pure Military gaming mouse comes with the most high powered optical sensor available and delivers 5,000 DPI. It has customizable lighting effects, including choosing from one of 16.8 million colors among other things. This mouse also comes with onboard memory to store your profiles right in the mouse.

The Roccat Kone Pure Military has seven programmable buttons, and it also offers Easy Shift technology, which enables you to program and easily access a secondary function with each button. So, you double the customizability simply by pushing one button.

This is a sleek, compact mouse that sacrificed nothing for its size, which is what makes it so great for claw grip. Your fingertips will be easily able to access programmable buttons while the bottom of your palm rests on the back of the mouse. That being said, this may not be the best choice for someone with large hands. The Roccat Kone Pure Military mouse is also very lightweight. This all creates better movement and precision because claw grip gives you better control.


  • Weight: 93 g/0.2 lbs
  • Buttons: 7, all customizable
  • Sensor: 5,000 dpi
  • Response: 1 ms
  • Dimension: 11.5 cm x 7 cm
  • Fit: Sleek and small, ideal for claw grip


  • Size is perfect for claw grip
  • Programmable buttons


  • Right handed only

Wrap Up: Perfect size and specs for claw grip.

3. Mionix Castor

This is a pretty simple mouse that is continually championed by its users and has even been called the “best wireless gaming mouse ever made,” so it’s no surprise that it’s in the running for best claw grip mouse. It’s weight, shape, and button layout were all designed to work with any grip but it’s smaller size lends itself easily to claw grip. Palm grippers may have a hard time using this one.

This is a right-handed ergonomic mouse with ring and pinkie finger grooves that make it especially comfortable for a claw grip. It’s very lightweight and was designed for maximum grip with four layers of rubber coating. Since there are only minimal touch points with the claw grip, this helps keep control when moving the mouse. It makes the most of the grip you do have, which is great with such a lightweight mouse.

It has an adjustable 10,000 DPI and six programmable buttons to enhance gameplay. You can personalize your mouse with one of 16.8 million color choices for the lighting, as well as options for lighting patterns, such as pulsing, blinking, and breathing. There’s onboard memory, so you don’t have to connect to a computer or the cloud to access your pre-set profiles.


  • Weight: 93.8 g
  • Buttons: 6, all programmable
  • Sensor: 10,000 dpi
  • Response: 1 ms
  • Dimension: 4.8 in x 2.8 in
  • Fit: right handed, light weight for any grip


  • Designed to work with any grip
  • Lightweight
  • Four layer rubber coating grip


  • Right handed only

Wrap Up: If you prefer a lighter weight mouse, this is the one for you.

4. Logitech G303

The G303 from Logitech has an adjustable DPI from 200 - 12,000 and is a mouse that is fundamentally suited for claw grips. It’s extremely precise and accurate. There are six programmable buttons to make gameplay better, and it can store up to three profiles onboard. It comes with software that enables a lot of settings adjustments and can tune and calibrate to the surface you’re using in order to give maximum performance.

This is a light option for best claw grip mouse, coming in at only 87 g. There’s no way to adjust this, so if you prefer a heavier mouse, this is most likely not the one for you. But if you like a mouse that’s quick to respond to movement, this is it. Logitech designed this mouse using input from gamers, packing all of their highest performance needs into a lightweight package.

Although there are buttons on the left side, this mouse can still be used ambidextrously, making it another good option for lefties if they don’t mind losing the use of the two side buttons.


  • Weight: 87 g/0.19 lbs
  • Buttons: 6, not programmable
  • Sensor: 12,000 dpi
  • Response: 1 ms
  • Dimension: 114 mm x 66 mm
  • Fit: Right handed only


  • Ambidextrous, lefty friendly
  • Accurate & precise
  • Unable to adjust weight


  • Very lightweight

Wrap Up: This is the lightest mouse of the bunch but packs a big punch.

5. SteelSeries Sensei

In order to get maximum performance and include the things that gamers want, SteelSeries enlisted the help of gamers when developing the Sensei. The DPI ranges from 1 - 11,400 thanks to the 32 bit ARM processor, which doubles the sensitivity.

As for customization, the Sensei has three different illumination zones in 16.8 million colors. Or if you prefer to play a little less flashy, you can easily turn them off altogether. Calibrate the Sensei to the surface you’re playing on to control the mouse’s performance.

This mouse is specifically designed to be ambidextrous with buttons on both the left and right sides. It doesn’t matter which hand you use, your fingers will be able to access everything. It’s a slightly smaller mouse which, depending on the size of your hand, might make it more or less comfortable for you but will work best for claw grip users.


  • Weight: 102 g/0.22 lbs
  • Buttons: 6 programmable
  • Sensor: 11,400 dpi
  • Response: 1 ms
  • Dimension: 125.5mm x 68.3mm
  • Fit: Ambidextrous


  • Customizable
  • Ambidextrous, lefty friendly


  • Slightly small

Wrap Up: This gives lefties another solid option for a best claw grip mouse.

6. Zowie FK1+, FK1, and FK2

This ambidextrous mouse has a low profile and was specifically designed to work with claw grip gamers, which obviously makes it an ideal choice for best claw grip mouse. The FK series actually comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. The FK1+ is the largest version and the FK2 the smallest.

This is a plug and play mouse with no customization or drivers or profiles. No programmable buttons, weight, or shape. It’s just a very basic, hard playing mouse. Nevertheless, it has adjustable DPI from 400 - 3200 and a high-tech sensor that works well on any surface.

It has a slightly curved, long shape for precise control. It’s also very lightweight and responds quickly to the lightest grips. The weight cannot be adjusted. It has five buttons that aren’t programmable. Its simplicity might be a turnoff to some people, but if you’re looking for a good, solid, basic gaming mouse, you have found it. If this is exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for, pick the size option that will suit your claw grip best.


  • Weight: 90 g
  • Buttons: 5, all programmable
  • Sensor: 3200 dpi
  • Response: 1 ms
  • Dimension: 128 mm x 62 mm
  • Fit: Curved shape suitable to all hands and grip


  • Simple
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for claw grip


  • Not customizable

Wrap Up: This is a very basic, high performing mouse that was made for claw grip.

As with any gaming mouse, everyone is going to have their own personal preference when it comes to the best claw grip mouse; especially in 2017 when there are so many options and features available. But whether you’re looking for a highly customizable mouse or a sleek, simple one, this list covers the best claw grip mice out there for every kind of taste. There’s definitely a mouse for you that will keep your claw grip comfortable and keep you in the game for a long time.


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