Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse (March. 2017)

Just as everyone has a favorite computer game, everyone has their favorite mouse grip. The most common grips are claw grip, palm grip, and fingertip grip. Fingertip grip is one of the less common of the three and comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. It uses only the tips of the fingers and thumb with the forearm possibly resting against the edge of the table or desk the mouse is on. Of the different grips, fingertip grip is the one that has the least contact with the mouse. This needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on the best fingertip grip mouse.

This is a very extreme grip that will cause the mouse to respond very differently than it would to someone using a palm grip. A mouse optimized for a palm grip – wide with a lot of surface area – is the opposite of what you’ll need for a fingertip grip. The best fingertip grip gaming mouse will be a little on the small side. It should be very lightweight and very flat so that it’s easy to use and control with only a small amount of the hand. This grip works best for people with big hands using a small mouse to adequately span the mouse in order to use the buttons effectively.

Fingertip grip is built for speed and precision but may not be best suited to a mouse with a lot of buttons. Since only the fingertips are resting on the mouse, it isn’t easy to reach a lot of buttons. With technology that’s come along up to 2017, manufacturers have added a lot of variation and customization that can help make up for this. For the best fingertip grip mouse, you want to walk a fine line between sleek design and multifunctionality. You want enough tech so that it’s still a gaming mouse without too many bells and whistles.

To compose this list, size, shape, and ability to customize were all taken into consideration. You’ll find that there’s a wide variety of differences among these picks, but they all of one thing in common. They could all be considered the best fingertip grip mouse.

1. Roccat Kone Pure Military

The Roccat Kone Pure Military gaming mouse delivers 5,000 DPI with the most high powered optical sensor available. You can choose from 16.8 million colors for the lighting effects along with other light customizations. It has a built-in tracking unit that calibrates to the surface you’re playing on to make sure it’s always as accurate and responsive as it can possibly be.

The Roccat Kone Pure Military has seven programmable buttons and offers Easy Shift technology, which allows you to assign a secondary function to each button, kicking the total of programmable buttons up to fourteen. The profiles you make will be stored in the mouse itself, so there’s no need to worry about syncing to the cloud to retrieve your settings.

The easy shift key is a great addition for a fingertip grip player. It gives the player a way to have a lot of customization while only using a few well-placed buttons.

This is a lightweight mouse that packs a big punch. It’s sleek and compact with easy to access buttons, making it perfect for fingertip grip users.


  • DPI: 5000
  • Weight: 93 g/0.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.5 cm x 7 cm/4.5 x 2.8 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 7, all programmable, secondary programming available
  • Fit: Sleek and small


  • Size is perfect for claw grip
  • 7, programmable easy shift buttons double customization possibilities


  • Right handed only

Wrap Up: This is a simple, high performing mouse that can help you excel at your game by offering twice the amount of customized buttons in a compact, easy to navigate space for fingertip grip players.

2. Zowie FK1+, FK1, and FK2

This Zowie series is actually three different sizes of the same mouse, allowing you to choose the one that is best suited for your hand size. FK1+ is the largest and FK2 is the smallest. This is an ambidextrous design that is the perfect size for right or left handed players. This is one best fingertip grip mouse anyone can use. The FK2 is the shortest and narrowest and may be the best suited for fingertip grip, especially if you have smaller hands.

This mouse is pretty simple. It’s plug and play design doesn’t really have anything flashy to sell. No customization or drivers or profiles. No cloud syncing or fancy changing lights. It’s just a basic, hard playing, surprisingly effective little mouse. It can cycle between 400 – 3200 DPI and its high-tech sensor can work on any surface, but that’s as technical as it gets with this one.

It’s shape is slightly curved and it’s great for light grips, like fingertip. It’s lightweight and quick to respond. It has five buttons, none of which are programmable. The simplicity of this mouse’s design might be a turnoff to some people, but if you’re looking for a solid, plug and play basic gaming mouse, this one will accommodate a fingertip grip very well.


  • DPI: 3200
  • Weight: 90 g/0.2 lb
  • Dimensions: 128 mm x 62 mm, 128 mm x 60 mm, 124 mm x 58mm/5 in x 2.5 in, 5 in x 2.4 in, 4.8 in x 2.3 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 5, not programmable
  • Fit: Curved shape suitable to all hands and grip


  • Simple
  • Light-weight


  • Non-customizable

Wrap Up: This is a very basic, high performing, plug and play mouse that definitely earns its spot as a best fingertip grip mouse.

3. Razer Ouroboros

This is probably one of the most physically customizable mice out there, which puts it in the running for best fingertip grip mouse for sure. The options it gives you to change the physical size and shape of the mouse are simply groundbreaking. It’s ambidextrous, which is a big deal because left handed gaming mice can be hard to find, especially with as many buttons as the Ouroboros offers.

This mouse comes with an adjustable palm rest, adjustable sides, and an adjustable back. You can physically change the shape of this mouse, which makes it perfect for any hand or grip. With so many options, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to manipulate this mouse to make it fit perfectly in your fingers. This mouse has more buttons than any of the other ones on the list. It is the ability to fine tune the shape of this mouse that makes using all those buttons possible for a fingertip grip user.

Not only will this mouse fit your fingertips perfectly, but it’s also one of the top gaming mouse all around. It can be calibrated to any surface, learning every imperfection and adjusting itself accordingly for precise gameplay. It comes with Razer Synapse 2.0 to store all the profiles you can create with its eleven programmable, hair trigger buttons. This is a great option for any player, but its endless adaptability makes it perfect for fingertip grip.


  • DPI: 8200
  • Weight: 115 g/0.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: Adjustable – 122-137 mm x 71 mm/4.8to 5.4 in x 2.8 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 11, all programmable
  • Fit: adjustable, ambidextrous
  • Customization: Just about everything on this mouse can be customized


  • Fully customizable for all hands and grips
  • Ambidextrous, left handed player friendly


  • Expensive

Wrap Up: This is the most customizable mouse around and a great option for lefties.

4. SteelSeries Sensei RAW

This is a pure, simple, focused mouse that gives you only what you need to be a successful player. It’s sleek, classic design makes it a best fingertip grip mouse because it doesn’t have excess buttons to reach for. It strips the gaming mouse down to only the bare essentials and offers an ambidextrous, functional design with just enough customization options to help you get an edge on your competition.

SteelSeries famously consults professional gamers when tweaking its designs, and the Sensei RAW is no exception. It has a DPI of 11,400 when doubled by the 32 bit ARM processor. It comes it two finishes, glossy or rubberized. The rubberized grip might be a little more helpful with a fingertip grip, but the glossy is available for those who prefer it.

It’s ready to go right out of the box, or you can tweak it a bit using SteelSeries Engine technology to set up macros for the buttons or choose a color and pattern for the LED lights. You have the option to make it as customized as you want or to just use it as is.

This is a great mouse for a fingertip grip gamer. It’s simple, compact, and light with just enough customization to fine tune it to your specific gaming needs.


  • DPI: 11,400
  • Weight: 90g/0.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 125 mm x 68 mm/4.9 in x 2.7 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 5, programmable
  • Fit: Smaller, light mouse perfect for finger grip, ambidextrous


  • Simple design
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Ambidextrous design


  • Only has a few customizable options

Wrap Up: This is a nice balance between a simple plug and play mouse and one with 10+ programmable button.

5. Razer Abyssus v2

Another contender for best fingertip grip mouse is the Razer Abyssus v2, an ambidextrous mouse that has only the necessary features to be the best at your game. It has an improved design from the original and, although it will fit any grip, it’s especially suited to fingertip because of its size and lack of bells and whistles. It’s one of the smallest and least expensive Razer’s available.

You can sync it to Razer Synapse to take advantage of all of its extras, but this is a simpler mouse that is a bit less reliant on it. This is also a great option for female gamers, who tend to prefer it. It’s a small mouse and fits their hands a little better, especially those who use the fingertip grip.

It has a new 5,000 DPI sensor for increased accuracy, sensitivity, and responsiveness and in mold rubber grips on the side to better help with control. It has only four ultra responsive large buttons that you can hear and feel when depressed to give the sensation of control. It’s small and super lightweight, essentially built for speed which is a fingertip grip specialty.


  • DPI: 5000
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Dimensions: 117mm x 64 mm/4.6 in x 2.5 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 4, programmable
  • Fit: ambidextrous, small hands or fingertip grip


  • Small
  • Light weight
  • Ambidextrous


  • Might be too small for someone with medium to large hands

Wrap Up: This stripped down mouse gives you just enough customization without overloading the mouse.

Final Words - Your Choice!

Fingertip grip requires a much different type of mouse. Because so little of the hand is actually in contact with the mouse, too many buttons can get in the way. What buttons you do have should be easy to reach, and it’s nice but not necessary to have them be programmable.

This is also a good grip for ambidextrous mice. A left-handed player can’t use just any mouse. Especially those with a lot of buttons and finger rests. Their hands just aren’t sculpted to fit into some of the most popular mice unless the company offers a left-handed version. Considering most of the best fingertip grip mice are ambidextrous, it finally put left-handed players on even ground.

If you expect to be able to use 10+ pre-programmed buttons and still use the fingertip grip, it’s just not going to be as smooth as it would with another grip. Since you’re barely touching the mouse, it’s not as easy as simply sliding your finger from one button to the next. Fingertip grip is best used on more simple, smaller, streamlined mice where you can take advantage of its propensity for speed.


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