Best Gaming Mouse for CS:GO (March. 2017)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a popular objective based multiplayer first person shooter (FPS). Whether you’re acting as the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, using the right mouse can drastically improve your gameplay. Obviously, a standard mouse isn’t going to cut it. You definitely need a gaming mouse for speed, precision, and accuracy. While any gaming mouse will be able to keep up, there are some that can really help you excel at CS:GO.

If you want to be the best CS:GO player that you can possibly be, your mouse is your most important tool. You use it for everything: aiming, shooting, looking around, picking up objects. FPS games are all about speed and reaction time, so you definitely need a fast mouse. Even an extra millisecond can make a big difference. A high DPI density is important, too, as it will help your speed and focus, but it’s also nice to be able to control the DPI – sometimes too much speed can make a mouse a little difficult to control.​

In addition to technical performance, you need to make sure the mouse you use is comfortable enough to support lengthy sessions of game play. Choose a mouse that suits your grip, whether it’s palm, claw, or fingertip. Make sure the buttons are easily accessible to your fingers, and there are grooves and rests where you need them.

For some people, the best gaming mouse for CS:GO will have adjustable weights and toggles to change the center of balance. For others, they’ll prefer a simple, lightweight mouse. Buttons vary a lot between gaming mice, too, with some having upwards of fifteen programmable ones and others with closer to five or six.

Manufacturers are constantly tweaking and fine tuning their gaming mouse designs as better technology and innovations are developed. Some manufacturers even collaborate with professional gamers to figure out what changes they should make. By 2017, things have gotten pretty advanced with a lot of different features available. When considering the best gaming mouse for CS:GO, the following criteria was considered: DPI, weight, speed, how the mouse fits in your hand, how customizable the mouse is.​

Every gamer is different, and there is no one mouse that will work best for everyone. But it’s likely that one of the ones on this list has exactly the specs you’re looking for. Here’s the list for the best gaming mouse for CS:GO.

1. SteelSeries Rival 300

The SteelSeries Rival 300 seamlessly combines customization and performance. The developers kept everything gamers loved about the original Rival and incorporated several improvements. The Rival 300 has a cutting edge sensor, newly developed switches, and a lot of ways to tweak it, so it’s fully customizable.

The Rival 300 has a controllable DPI of 1 – 6500. It also has six programmable buttons. Unfortunately, because of shape and button placement, this mouse is only designed for right handed players.

The shape of the Rival 300 was based on successful gaming mice of the past, and it has a kind of old-school look to it. Smooth contours and a slightly raised back increase comfort so right handed gamers can play on and on. The side grips are completely redesigned from their shape to the material, so they’re able to withstand more sweat and take more wear. The buttons are carefully placed to be in the most accessible position, so your gameplay will be comfortable and effective.

This mouse is a little heavier and bigger than some others, so if you have a big hand and like a heavier mouse, this might be the best gaming mouse for CS:GO for you. It will work especially well if you prefer palm grip. The SteelSeries Rival 300 might look like a beefed up regular mouse, but it has a lot to offer.

There are also some ways to customize the look of your Rival 300. It offers two zone illumination that have 16.8 million color options and it even comes with a printable 3D nameplate. All SteelSeries mice come with Engine 3 which give cross platform support and cloud syncing for all of your settings. You can take it anywhere and still be able to access your profiles.


  • DPI: 1 – 6500
  • Dimensions: 133 mm x 70 mm/5.23 in x 2.76 in
  • Weight: 130 g/0.287 lbs
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 6, all customizable
  • Fit: Right handed only; smooth, classically simple ergonomic shape; palm and claw grip
  • Customization: two zone illumination, 16.8 million color options, printable 3D nameplate


  • Simple, refined shape
  • Customizable
  • Redesigned side grips


  • Not for left handed players
  • Bigger and heavier than other gaming mice

Wrap Up: If you’re right handed and have trouble finding a mouse large enough for your hand, this is a great option.

2. Razer Deathadder Chroma

Not only is the Razer DeathAdder Chroma considered the best gaming mouse for CS:GO, it’s one of the best all around gaming mice there is. This right handed mouse is made to fit just under your palm and with its new rubber side grips, it’s comfortable enough to for long gameplay. A lot of consideration was put into the weight of this mouse in order to assure that it’s light enough to be fun to use but heavy enough for adequate control.

It’s optical sensor boasts 10,000 DPI and is designed for accuracy and fluidity no matter how fast or slow you move it. It has five programmable hyperresponsive buttons and a precise scroll wheel to control scope and aim during CS:GO play. It’s also capable of calibrating to any surface so it can react faster and be more precise.

It features Chroma Lighting, offering 16.8 million color options to illuminate your mouse during gameplay. You can choose one color, or it can cycle through them all. As with all Razer mice, the light pulses every seven seconds to give a breathing effect.

Razer Synapse support provides automatic driver and software updates, cloud syncing, plus tracking and analyzing data like stats and heatmaps so you can completely customize your DeathAdder Chroma to your individual gameplay.


  • DPI: 10,000
  • Weight: 105 g/0.23 lbs
  • Dimensions: 127 mm x 70 mm/5 in x 2.76
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Fit: Right handed only
  • Customization: illumination with 16.8 million color option


  • Good grip
  • Sensitivity


  • Right handed only but a left-handed version is available

Wrap Up: The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is definitely in the running for best gaming mouse for CS:GO. It works well for right handed players and claw or palm grip, and a left-handed option is available.

3. FinalMouse Pro

The FinalMouse Pro was designed specifically for the game, so it’s a no-brainer that it’s in the running as the best gaming mouse for CS:GO. FinalMouse took years of feedback into consideration when developing the FinalMouse Pro. It focuses less on customization and more on performance. There aren’t any gimmicks here, it’s just a straightforward, solid gaming mouse.

It has a smooth, ergonomic exceptionally lightweight design that lends itself to comfort throughout marathons of gameplay. The shape itself is ambidextrous, but the placement of buttons under the thumb on the left side means it’s designed for right-handed players. The buttons are small and smooth and in the perfect spot for easy accessibility. The shape and design work well for claw and palm grips. There’s also has a button to cycle through DPIs of 400, 800, 1600, and 3200.

This is a basic, plug and play mouse. Nothing fancy here, but since it was designed for CS:GO, it could be all the mouse you need.


  • DPI: 3200
  • Weight: 76 g/0.17 lbs
  • Dimensions: 126 mm x 68 mm/5 in x 2.7 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 6, not programmable
  • Fit: Right handed only
  • Customization: None


  • Simple
  • Light-weight


  • Not customizable
  • Right handed only

Wrap Up: If you prefer a mouse that provides awesome play with no bells and whistles, this is it.

4. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Logitech Proteus Spectrum is one of the most customizable options for best gaming mouse for CS:GO. It has a rubberized grip that will help if your hand are particularly sweaty. It’s best for palm or claw grip, and the left sided thumb button means it’s only for right handed players. The weight is fully customizable. It comes with five 3.6 g weights you can add if you like your mouse a little heavier.

The G502 boasts the most accurate sensor on the market. It also has adjustable DPI from 200 to 12,000 with maximum tracking accuracy and technology that increases targeting, making it great for CS:GO. It can be calibrated to any playing surface for maximum control and even has customizable illumination with a whopping 16.8 million color options to choose from. As far as gameplay customizations, there are eleven programmable buttons so you can preset a lot of commands with this mouse.

There’s no customization of drivers or programmable buttons with this mouse. You can’t choose from 16.8 million colors of add-on and weights. It’s your basic, designed for gaming, effective little powerhouse. It cycles between 400 - 3200 DPI and its sensor performs on any surface.

It has a shape that’s slightly curved and is lightweight and quick to respond. There are five buttons, none of which are programmable. This simple mouse and won’t suit everyone, but if you like a more basic mouse, this is a great option for someone who likes low sensitivity and the idea of a plug and play mouse that will play the same on any computer without any fuss.


  • DPI: 12,000
  • Weight: 122 g/4.3 oz (without additional weights)
  • Dimensions: 132mm x 75 mm /5.2 in x 2.95 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 11, all programmable
  • Fit: Right handed only
  • Customization: buttons, weights, colors


  • Very cumtomizable
  • High DPI


  • Heavy
  • Right handed only

Wrap Up: If you like to have a lot of control, this one gives you a lot of options, especially if you like a heavier mouse.

5. Razer Ouroboros

Finally, an awesome gaming mouse that a leftie can use. The Razer Ouroboros is an ambidextrous option that has a top spot as best gaming mouse for CS:GO. It’s fully customizable and will be able to fit any hand comfortably, making it great for right or left handed players.

The Ouroboros has an adjustable palm rest, back, and interchangeable side panels so you can tweak the actual physicality of the mouse more than you can with any other option. It’s not only ambidextrous but can be adjusted to work with large and small hands, no matter what kind of grip is used.

It has extremely precise tracking and can be calibrated to any playing surface, learning the topography and color and adjusting accordingly, so the sensor reacts quicker and more accurately. You can play wirelessly or plug it in so you’ll never have to stop your game worrying about charging or changing batteries.

It has hair trigger response buttons, so you don’t miss out on even the tiniest millisecond when reacting to the game. And speaking of buttons, there are eleven of them, and they are all programmable. It comes with Razer Synapse 2.0 support so multiple profiles can be stored in the cloud.


  • DPI: Adjustable 8200
  • Weight: 115 g/0.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: Adjustable – 122-137 mm x 71 mm/4.8to 5.4 in x 2.8 in
  • Speed: 1 ms
  • Buttons: 11, all programmable
  • Fit: adjustable, ambidextrous
  • Customization: Just about everything on this mouse can be customized.


  • Ambidextrous, left handed player friendly
  • Fully customizable for all hands and grips


  • Expensive

Wrap Up: This is one of the best options for a left handed player with all the customization you could ever want.

Final Words - Your Turn!

​This is a solid list of some of the best gaming mice out there that will help you excel at CS:GO. As you can see, there are a lot of very different options that all have a slightly different approach to gameplay. Some people might prefer a lightweight, plug and play mouse that it just built to perform. Some people might prefer one that is customizable all the way from the buttons to the weight to the size.

What it really boils down to is: what is the best gaming mouse for you to use to be a better CS:GO player? The mice included in this list are all a great place to start your search.


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